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  • SPEAKERS FOR 2019/2020 SEASON 2019
  • 2nd April.            Dr David Allen. The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman.
  • 16th April.           ProfessorMartin Curzon. Teeth, Trees and Totem Poles
  • 7th May.              Eric Londesbrough Islands of the Atlantic
  • 21st May.            Dr John Gibbins All Roads lead to Northallerton, (What the Romans did for North Yorkshire)
  • 4th June.             Colin Hatton A Cornucopia of Football Nostalgia
  • 27th June             Summer Luncheon – Ripon Spa Hotel
  • 18th June.           Anthony Wood Sir Thomas Robinson; Gent of Fashion
  • 2nd July.              Mark Lacy Doorstep Crime Scenes
  • 16th July.             Martin Peagam The Town of Rampant Sin
  • 6th August.          Tony Nicholson The Battle of the Tees
  • 20th August.        Natasha Anson Remaking Beamish
  • 3rd September.    John Turner Sam Turners: “Past, Present and Future”.
  • 17th September.   Mike I’Anson Woodland Therapy
  • 1st October.           Alan Todd Croft Aerodrome
  • 15th October.         Christine Hutchinson. Preston Hall Museum
  • 5th November.       Bob Woodhouse. Pubs, Parsons and Parasols
  • 19th November.     Susan Latter Researching your Family History
  • 3rd December.       Christmas Lunch 2019
  • 21st January.          Talks by Club Members
  • 4th February.           Wilf Austin Smiths Dock
  • 18th February.         Chris Lloyd. Of Fish and Actors: 100 years of Darlington Hippodrome
  • 3rd March.               Colonel (retired) Chris Best Medics on the Somme
  • 17th March AGM.

Preston Park Museum and Grounds. Christine Hutchinson – 15/10/19

In the year 2012 the Club was entertained by a talk about the plans for the development of a centre for history, culture and the arts to be based upon the estate of Preston Hall, a large country property near Stockton on the banks of the Tees.  It was already the...

“Croft Aerodrome “ – Alan Todd – 1.10.19.

There were 18 military aerodromes in the Vale of Mowbray during the 1939-45 War. That at Croft was the furthest west and north of the cluster Unlike many it was a fresh start, having no pevious experience or facilities. Unlike many it was not built on sound firm...

“Woodland Therapy” – Mike I’Anson – 17th, September, 2019

This was a short but delightful story told by a most enthusiastic and committed speaker, told without notes or visual aids, about a small charity set up in the Thirsk area in 2013. After a career in the police service and estate management, Mike joined with a group of...

Talk by Chris Mason – 27th August 2019

An invitation from the Bedale Probus Club – Chris Mason – A Life Reporting – 27th August, 2019. The BBC political correspondent and presenter Chris Mason was to be the Guest Speaker at the Bedale Club on Wednesday August 27th talking about his career as a journalist...

The Battle for the Tees – Dr Tony Nicholson – 6th August, 2019

“The Battle of the Tees” by Dr.Tony Nicholson.  The story line was one of a battle between two industrial giants, Josiah Pease and Ward Jackson, at the birth of the industrial revolution.  It told of the emergence in the mid-nineteenth century of an iron-...

Remaking Beamish Natasha Anson – 20th August, 2019.

“Remaking Beamish” by Natasha Anson Beamish is already a regional, if not national treasure. Its logo describes it as “ the “living museum of the north”. It is a country park of some 350 acres, originally funded by the local authorities of the north east, where...

“The Town of Rampant Sin” -Martin Peagam, 16th July 2019

“The Town of Rampant Sin” -Martin Peagam, 16th July 2019x “The town of rampant sin “. Most members present at the Meeting on July 16th could have put a name to their own idea of sin city. Local historian Martin Peagam was to refer to Middlesbrough – in particular from...

“Doorstep Crime Scenes” – Mark Lacy – 2nd July, 2019

2nd July 2019 “Doorstep Crime Scenes” – a title that might have excited images of burglary, forced access , the police heavy squad and forensic analysis. Mark Lacy’s talk was about a quieter mode, but a disturbing one nevertheless. It told about how the insidious...

A cornucopia of football nostalgia” Colin Hatton – 21/5/19

The rugby and cricket men of our Club would have settled down expecting a eulogy about the other game – the one with overpaid and under skilled youngsters, falling down and complaining to the referee. However the “nostalgia” of Colin’s talk implied thinking about and...

Islands of the Atlantic – Eric Londesbrough 7/05/2019

Eric Londesbrough made a welcome return visit to the Club with a presentation arising from a recent cruise ship holiday off the west coast of Africa.   Eric ( and his Wife) are experts with their cameras and his talk was illustrated by 100 selected photos of people....

Speakers 2019-2020

SPEAKERS FOR 2019/2020 SEASON 2019 2nd April.            Dr David Allen. The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman. 16th April.           ProfessorMartin Curzon. Teeth, Trees and Totem Poles 7th May.              Eric Londesbrough Islands of the Atlantic 21st May.         ...

Members Morning – 19th February 2019

Members’ Morning.19th February Those meetings of the Club designated as “Members’ Morning” invariably bring out some surprising offerings. A big surprise would be when some of the Committee are the speakers! George Barker presented four of his computer-aided...

Pits, Pockmarks and Haggerleases – 12/02/2019-Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd made a most welcome return as guest speaker. Last year he had given an excellent talk about the role and career of W.T Stead, one-time editor of the Northern Echo.  This time his subject was “Pits, Pockmarks and Haggerleases”, a title  that mystified many...

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Luncheon 2018 The Allerton  Court Hotel was once again the venue of our Christmas Luncheon. Twenty six members were present.  Greetings and apologies were received from three invalid members - former Club President  Fred Ayrton, Mike Peacock and David Hill. ...

Scruton – a thankful village – 20/11/2018 – Jane Crampton

“ A thankful village” is the name given to each of the 55 villages across the country that have been able to prove evidence that all the men who left to take part in the Great War returned home alive.    Scruton was one such, said Janet Crampton, Chair of the Parish...