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  • SPEAKERS FOR 2019/2020 SEASON 2019
  • 2nd April.            Dr David Allen. The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman.
  • 16th April.           ProfessorMartin Curzon. Teeth, Trees and Totem Poles
  • 7th May.              Eric Londesbrough Islands of the Atlantic
  • 21st May.            Dr John Gibbins All Roads lead to Northallerton, (What the Romans did for North Yorkshire)
  • 4th June.             Colin Hatton A Cornucopia of Football Nostalgia
  • 27th June             Summer Luncheon – Ripon Spa Hotel
  • 18th June.           Anthony Wood Sir Thomas Robinson; Gent of Fashion
  • 2nd July.              Mark Lacy Doorstep Crime Scenes
  • 16th July.             Martin Peagam The Town of Rampant Sin
  • 6th August.          Tony Nicholson The Battle of the Tees
  • 20th August.        Natasha Anson Remaking Beamish
  • 3rd September.    John Turner Sam Turners: “Past, Present and Future”.
  • 17th September.   Mike I’Anson Woodland Therapy
  • 1st October.           Alan Todd Croft Aerodrome
  • 15th October.         Christine Hutchinson. Preston Hall Museum
  • 5th November.       Bob Woodhouse. Pubs, Parsons and Parasols
  • 19th November.     Susan Latter Researching your Family History
  • 3rd December.       Christmas Lunch 2019
  • 21st January.          Talks by Club Members
  • 4th February.           Wilf Austin Smiths Dock
  • 18th February.         Chris Lloyd. Of Fish and Actors: 100 years of Darlington Hippodrome
  • 3rd March.               Colonel (retired) Chris Best Medics on the Somme
  • 17th March AGM.

“Smith’s Dock” – by Wilf Austen – 4 February 2020

The story of a “family firm” often takes the reader/ listener through the cycle of initial set-up with all its frustrations and risk, through many powerful and successful years,  to the point at which it collapses and is today no more than a piece of industrial...

Coast to Coast Walk – 21/01/2020 – Neil Barker

The first Club meeting of the New Year was not what members might have been expecting. Instead of a lecture on the use of a defibrilator, a very full house sat back to enjoy – vicariously – the high and lows of a long hike across England. Neil Barker had been...

Christmas Lunch – 3rd December 2019

Once again, the Club held its Christmas Lunch at the Allerton Court Hotel. Club President Danny Myers welcomed twenty-seven members and the President of the Northallerton Rotary Club, Duncan Davison, as our Guest. Apologies and greetings were    received from former...

Preston Park Museum and Grounds. Christine Hutchinson – 15/10/19

In the year 2012 the Club was entertained by a talk about the plans for the development of a centre for history, culture and the arts to be based upon the estate of Preston Hall, a large country property near Stockton on the banks of the Tees.  It was already the...

“Croft Aerodrome “ – Alan Todd – 1.10.19.

There were 18 military aerodromes in the Vale of Mowbray during the 1939-45 War. That at Croft was the furthest west and north of the cluster Unlike many it was a fresh start, having no pevious experience or facilities. Unlike many it was not built on sound firm...

“Woodland Therapy” – Mike I’Anson – 17th, September, 2019

This was a short but delightful story told by a most enthusiastic and committed speaker, told without notes or visual aids, about a small charity set up in the Thirsk area in 2013. After a career in the police service and estate management, Mike joined with a group of...

Talk by Chris Mason – 27th August 2019

An invitation from the Bedale Probus Club – Chris Mason – A Life Reporting – 27th August, 2019. The BBC political correspondent and presenter Chris Mason was to be the Guest Speaker at the Bedale Club on Wednesday August 27th talking about his career as a journalist...

The Battle for the Tees – Dr Tony Nicholson – 6th August, 2019

“The Battle of the Tees” by Dr.Tony Nicholson.  The story line was one of a battle between two industrial giants, Josiah Pease and Ward Jackson, at the birth of the industrial revolution.  It told of the emergence in the mid-nineteenth century of an iron-...

Remaking Beamish Natasha Anson – 20th August, 2019.

“Remaking Beamish” by Natasha Anson Beamish is already a regional, if not national treasure. Its logo describes it as “ the “living museum of the north”. It is a country park of some 350 acres, originally funded by the local authorities of the north east, where...

“The Town of Rampant Sin” -Martin Peagam, 16th July 2019

“The Town of Rampant Sin” -Martin Peagam, 16th July 2019x “The town of rampant sin “. Most members present at the Meeting on July 16th could have put a name to their own idea of sin city. Local historian Martin Peagam was to refer to Middlesbrough – in particular from...

“Doorstep Crime Scenes” – Mark Lacy – 2nd July, 2019

2nd July 2019 “Doorstep Crime Scenes” – a title that might have excited images of burglary, forced access , the police heavy squad and forensic analysis. Mark Lacy’s talk was about a quieter mode, but a disturbing one nevertheless. It told about how the insidious...

A cornucopia of football nostalgia” Colin Hatton – 21/5/19

The rugby and cricket men of our Club would have settled down expecting a eulogy about the other game – the one with overpaid and under skilled youngsters, falling down and complaining to the referee. However the “nostalgia” of Colin’s talk implied thinking about and...

Islands of the Atlantic – Eric Londesbrough 7/05/2019

Eric Londesbrough made a welcome return visit to the Club with a presentation arising from a recent cruise ship holiday off the west coast of Africa.   Eric ( and his Wife) are experts with their cameras and his talk was illustrated by 100 selected photos of people....

Speakers 2019-2020

SPEAKERS FOR 2019/2020 SEASON 2019 2nd April.            Dr David Allen. The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman. 16th April.           ProfessorMartin Curzon. Teeth, Trees and Totem Poles 7th May.              Eric Londesbrough Islands of the Atlantic 21st May.         ...