The Probus Club of Northallerton was formed in 1970 the setting up of the Club having been organised by Northallerton Rotary Club.

It was to be a meeting of professional and business men who had retired and to be of purely a social nature. The main aims of the Club were declared to be “To promote fellowship amongst retired professional and business men of Northallerton and District.”

This proposal to form such a Club was well supported and with a membership of 22 the first meeting was held on Tuesday the 28th April 1970, at Victoria Grill Café Northallerton, under the Chairmanship of A. Bennifer, assisted by Secretary/Treasurer J.E. Keenleyside.


Founder members were :-

W. Arnott, A. Bennifer, M. Blamires, W. Clegg, A. Dixon, J.T. Hartley, J.J. Hodgson, F. Horner, J.W. Humphry, J.N. Jenkinson, H.J. Kirby, J.E. Keenleyside, T.M. Lightfoot, G.W. Martin, L. Mitton, G. Noble, R.D. Raisbeck,  W. Sanderson, H.L. Souls, F.W. Thompson, W. Topping, A. Welsby. 

Probus Past Presidents

1970 A Benifer
1973 L Morton
1974 J Swainston
1975 P Hartley
1976 L Mitton
1977 W Arnott
1978 Dr P E Woodroofe
1979 C Coore
1980 T Johnston
1981 H J Kirby
1982 F Stephenson
1983 J F Mason
1984 W Verity
1985 A Aungiers
1986 W H Barbour
1986 A Trantham
1987 A H Pearson




1987 A H Pearson
1988 L L Robinson
1989 W Sawyer
1990 H Bowling
1991 W Short
1992 G R White
1993 H S Ankers
1994 J C Maguire
1995 R D Mitchell
1996 K J R Sawyer
1997 D W Jamieson
1998 D M Auld
1999 N Taylor
2000 J C Riordan
2001 R J Spikins
2002 F J Ayrton
2003 J W Myers




2004 J R Brown
2005 J B Pygott
2006 F J Ayrton
2007 J P Edwards
2008 H H Dyson
2009 M T Brown
2010 G T Barker
2011 J P Edwards
2012 Past Presidents
2013 W Cornfoot
2013 F J Ayrton
2014 W Cornfoot
2015 Past Presidents
2016 A Beattie
2017 A Beattie
2018 J D Myers