The Club was compelled to close in line with Government lockdown rules on 23rd March 2020.  The Annual General Meeting scheduled for 17th March 2020 did not take place, there being insufficient attendees to form a quorum.  This will be held when government guidelines permit.  The 10 members in attendance agreed to hold an extraordinary meeting instead to agree the way forward during the Coronavirus.  It was agreed that the Club activities would be suspended until the end of June 2020 and a subcommittee comprising Danny Myers, Phil Nesbit, Keith Gilbert, Denis Reeve, and Stewart Bain was elected, having full decision making powers to guide the Club through the crisis. 

            The subcommittee met via Zoom on 19th May 2020 when it was decided to further suspend Club activities until the end of September 2020. It is intended that the subcommittee will meet again, via Zoom, at the end of July 2020.  Keith Gilbert has since resigned his membership of the Club.

            With the resignation of Keith, your committee has been seeking volunteers for the roles of Secretary and Treasurer.  I am pleased to announce that our new Secretary is Mr Stu Cocker.  The role of Treasurer is still vacant – if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.  Without a Treasurer it will be difficult for the Club to continue.

            In an attempt to provide some activity, we held our first Zoom meeting on Tuesday 30th June 2020, when Phil Nesbit gave Part 1 of a very interesting talk on the History of Southern France.  The meeting was “attended” by 12 members.  The second Zoom meeting was held on Tuesday 14th July 2020, when Phil Nesbit gave Part 2 of his talk on the History of Southern France.  The meeting was “attended” by 9 members.  Many thanks are due to Phil for the talks and for all the time he has expended in ensuring that interested members are conversant with the necessary computer software.

Danny Myers – President


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