Probus Talk: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

This turned out to be a most unexpected morning.   Our Guest Speaker was to have been Colonel Chris Best talking about the work of “medics on the Somme”  It was his misfortune to have been one of the many victims of the floods in Arkengarthdale, losing home and, quite the least, most of his lecture notes   So no talk about the medics.

Happily our Vice- President Phil Nesbit was able to rally round, bringing forth an illustrated lecture of his own under the title of “Brushes with spies”  Phil spent his career in the Police Service and told us a few years ago about his work in developing a computer-based information system for use and exchange across the county.   This time he amused and intrigued us with six cameos of occasions when his work took him into suspicious circumstances and where the mysteries and secrecy of investigation when MI5 is concerned.    It is thus inappropriate to detail these stories but enough to say that one involved the discovery of a large motorcycle on the dunes at Redcar and its subsequent disappearance once taken into police care,.and then another about spotting a well-dressed man loitering ( with apparent intent) and his apprehension by the authorities.

We were most grateful to Phil for giving us a splendid morning at such short notice.  The.  story of the medics will be welcomed at some later date – if the records have been recovered from the floods.…