Susan told us that her first step in researching family history came at a time when she was curious about a maternal grandfather who was never spoken about in family circles.  A mystery!. She found out that he had died of a fall into the Rhine near Boppard in1914 as an assumed suicide.. but she wanted to know more, so visited the area, read the local newspapers and records only to find that he had written a final will only days before the event. Why? and how? – no firm answers, but informed guesses .  The investigative process started off a chain of researches into the various lines of her heritage.

Susan’s talk illustrated the various sources of family data that are available to the enthusiast – from census reports and parish and church records, to the professional research agencies and data bases.  Much relevant information can be found to create sound family records, but she pointed out that names, spellings and tittles can change over the years and there are occasions when the returns were somewhat less truthful than might be expected.

The subject was a popular one with Club members, such that Susan was plied with questions of technique, source and interpretation.  It was a talk for the enthusiast.  Why conduct this research? What good is it ?    Susan said it satisfies her curiosity.  A great reason!


It was a great pleasure to welcome into membership two gentlemen who had visited our meetings recently.  Club President Danny Myers was glad to present cards and badges to Stu Cocker and Dr.Keith Rollins.   Stu told us that his career was in social work in County Councils,  but with a lifelong interest in radio he is now locally notable for his ownership and presentation of the Northallerton Radio Station – an almost 24/7 type of job !!.   Keith, a retired Industrial chemist with ICI, now enjoys his golf, walking the dales, and researching family history.     The Club will be greatly enriched with their fellowship.