Eric Londesbrough made a welcome return visit to the Club with a presentation arising from a recent cruise ship holiday off the west coast of Africa.   Eric ( and his Wife) are experts with their cameras and his talk was illustrated by 100 selected photos of people. places and wildlife that caught their attention and imagination.  They are widely travelled people and, Eric says, they have compiled 30 presentations of their travels for audiences like ours.

Today’s talk reflected visits to the islands of the Canaries and Azores   For the most part the anecdotes and photos related to the off-beat, the unusual and the bizarre rather than the hotspots of tourism.  He pointed out that the islands were under stress as between the urge for income from the tourists and the need to limit hotel and “attractions” to conserve the uniqueness and quality of the environment.  The Canaries are  Spanish in their culture and history whilst the Azores’ legacy is that of the Portuguese ( who discovered the islands !!)

Both island groups are the result of massive volcanic activity, offering splendid opportunities for the camera buffs, and the eroded soils provide limited but rich farm land.

The tour incorporated a short break in The Gambia to see something of mainland Africa. – mainly the many varieties of heron.

Eric was thanked for an interesting tour of the islands and some excellent photography. He in turn welcomed the opportunity to be with us, pointing out that all the income derived from his programme of talks is dedicated to Cancer Relief, a cause of very great importance to him.