Members’ Morning.19th February

Those meetings of the Club designated as “Members’ Morning” invariably bring out some surprising offerings. A big surprise would be when some of the Committee are the speakers!

George Barker presented four of his computer-aided audio/video compilations. The first provided recollections of an ill-fated boat trip on the Tees from Thornaby to Yarm for club members and their ladies. Another was a colourful snapshot of the Northallerton 10k Race in 2017 – showing all the runners and the rapt audience. A third was a delightful collage showing people and animals, events, competitions and activities at the Reeth Agricultural Show. The highlight though was that of a series of shots of great tourist attractions across Yorkshire under the spoof title “Don’t come to Yorkshire” – it was a hoot !!

John Edwards related three personal anecdotes about events that reflected the long arm of coincidence.

Phil Nesbit told a fascinating story of his first investigative case as a very junior PC aged 19, walking the streets of Redcar; his acute observations resulted in two arrests for armed robbery and criminal damage with sentences for the villains of 25 and 28 years!! A major success story.

Finally, Matt Brown took risks with his reputation when relating the story of a narrow escape from an accusation of “groping” – all well of course! Yes, a very varied morning.

Names please, if you are offering to speak at the next such gathering!